commercial users

The Panda Café is the answer to the problem of food waste in the kitchen, whether in the commercial environment or large household.

No other unit can offer:

Powerful motor…this one is strong!

Our new dual purpose unit can be used as a high powered continuous feed unit, or used as a batch feed type unit. The Panda Café has a market leading 1hp motor, the most powerful domestic unit currently available. This means that food waste is disposed more quickly, reducing the use of water and electricity. In addition, because of the greater power of this motor the risk of any jam occuring is reduced. Ideal for lots of cooking and large families.

Space saving design

Even if space under the sink is at a premium, the Panda Cafe has been designed to be as compact as possible.

Batch feed operation… simply means it grinds up “batches” of waste at a time
Put the waste in first, turn on the cold water, then start the unit.

Continuous feed operation… the food waste is fed into the unit as it is running
Turn on the cold water, start the machine, then feed the waste through the fixed splashguard.

Superb grinding … clearing up made easy!

The Panda Cafe has high quality stainless steel impellors and grind ring, to enable it to dispose of your food waste, quickly and efficiently.


Partial sound baffle to minimise noise
Stainless steel impellors
Stainless steel grind ring
Stainless steel stopper
1hp motor
HP(w): 750W (1Hp)
Volts: 220-240v, 3.25A
Hz: 50/60Hz
RPM(r/min): 1800
Length 321mm
Width 181mm
Weight 9.8kg

Panda Café- £353.52


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