Spares for Food Waste Disposal Units

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At Panda Electric Services we stock a wide range of spares for waste disposal units please use our contact page for all other spares

Universal air switch kit with chrome button suitable for all continuous feed units



Tweeny 2 part removable splashguard suitable for all Tweeny continuous feed units



White 3 in 1 pusher plunger tool



Batch feed stopper for Panda Gold Batch feed unit and Waste Maid batch feed units


Batch feed stopper

Chrome air switch button, bellows and tube



Stainless steel stopper for grey Panda units Cub Red Giant, Bronze Silver& Gold, Waste Maid continuous feed units


Stainless steel stopper

Maxmatic splashguard for all continuous feed maxmatic models



Outlet pipe & gasket suitable for all old ISE units, all Panda units, all Waste Maid units



Splashguard for WasteMaid, & Panda units, including Cub. Red, Giant, Bronze, Silver & Gold



Biotabs : specially formulated heavy duty cleaning tablets help to keep unit clean and pipes clear



Unjamming wrench key for ISE & green Panda units Cub, Popular, Red, Giant, grey Cafe units



Stainless steel stopper suitable for Panda Café, ISE and Maxmatic continuous feed models.



Black plastic stopper for grey and black Panda units (Cub , Red, Giant, Bronze, Silver, Gold) Waste Maid and Waste King units



Sink flange assembly suitable for Waste Maid Panda Waste King units  



Sink flange assembly for ISE units   



Splashguard for ISE units ( not 75 or 77)



Heavy duty remote control kit suitable for all continuous feed waste disposal units



Air switch and bellows with white and silver button options suitable for 16mm hole





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